Tudosobrediabetes 3M Maintenance Free Half Mask, FFA1P2 R D Filters, 4251, EN safety certified:Tudosobrediabetes
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3M Maintenance Free Half Mask, FFA1P2 R D Filters, 4251, EN safety certified:Tudosobrediabetes

3M Published in October 19, 2018, 6:11 pm
 3M Maintenance Free Half Mask, FFA1P2 R D Filters, 4251, EN safety certified:Tudosobrediabetes

3M Maintenance Free Half Mask, FFA1P2 R D Filters, 4251, EN safety certified:Tudosobrediabetes

Price:£18.60+ Free shipping with Amedama Prime

Lexi Reply to on 14 August 2017
I'm a jeweller, and bought this to wear while polishing on a polishing motor. I use rouge with paraffin for a final finish, which creates a fine vapour that gets round most masks. Not this one. It keeps everything out. The adjustable headband and neck band work well to keep it in place. The seal gets a bit sweaty in hot weather, but it's really not too bad, and I can see over it and wear a visor at the same time to keep bits out of my eyes.
Tamsyn Martin
Tamsyn Martin Reply to on 6 July 2017
Excellent mask for those with chemical sensitivity or mast cell activation syndrome, the only mask I've tried that blocks EVERYTHING! Its not too comfortable for long periods however as to get a proper seal it does need to dig into your face and leaves me with jaw/teeth pain and red indentation on the face. Still, to be able to not smell things for a while and not have huge reactions to scents is bliss.
alex Reply to on 7 August 2012
this is a good mask its a little expensive at £22.00 inc postage but lasts longer that the projected time of 3 months had mine for nine months its still ok. i suffer badly if i breath in the paint fumes all day when using solvent based paints even outside so i know when the mask has given up because it will give me a headache! ive been using masks now for at least 15 years and this is the best so far ...its comfortable and fits well because of the head support you could run with this and it still wouldn't leak! i used to use the rubber type masks although they had interchangeable filters the rubber would deteriorate after 12 months and the filters wouldn't last more than 6 months
Gugghi Reply to on 1 February 2017
3M reusable half mask arrived well packaged and in a timely manner. Product exactly as described.

Got this mask to help me clearing out a very dusty and dirty house in preparation for a refurbishment. Thought I would try out something other than cheap disposable ones and settled on these due to price and the good reviews they have received.

The mask is made from soft rubber and hugs my face really well. What you cant see from the photo is the way the rubber folds where it contacts your face to achieve a good seal and make the mask comfortable to wear over longer periods, although you will know you have being wearing the mask after you remove it.
The elastic restraints and the way they are fixed to the mask look really cheap but they do their job well without any issues.
While wearing the mask I found it very easy to breath and found no trace of any unpleasant smell.
I am also just about able to wear a pair of Bolle Safety Googles at the same time as wearing this mask which is handy.
As you cannot replace the filters I would recommend you get the Overspray guard pack to use with the mask to prolong its life

Overall I am very happy with this mask and I have no hesitation recommending it to others.
WKM Reply to on 22 June 2017
I was looking for a mask that was more substantial than just the small Ill fitting paper ones I'd been using. I've used this while I cut wood on my table saw and doing a lot of sanding. It fits well and is easily adjustable to air an air tight seal around the face. I don't feel any restriction while breathing and this is especially true of breathing out. Moisture does gather in the bottom of the mask after extensive use and while it's not easy to tip out because of the seal design it can be mopped up or simply left to dry out. Overall a great product and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another when the time comes.
Mark Z
Mark Z Reply to on 27 April 2018
I’ve been using this mask while sanding walls and woodwork prior to decorating. It is unexpectedly comfortable and I am quite happy to wear it all day. It fits under my glasses too and does not cause fogging. Compared to the disposable paper masks I used before, this mask is a revelation, keeping the dust levels below anything I can detect and making breathing so much easier. It completely eliminated my hay fever, too. I cannot attest to its ability to deal with more toxic dust or chemicals, but there are other, more expensive, versions of this mask available for that. For general dust protection this is perfect.
Alan Clarke
Alan Clarke Reply to on 7 March 2016
Having an allergy to most solvents and fuel vapours I need to use a respirator mask when handling such chemicals and this one does the job admirably. It wasn't cheap to buy but it's worth every penny to me as it has given me my life back. I use it when fuelling my mower, brushcutter chainsaw etc; spraying solvent-based paints or wax-oiling car bodies which involves white-spirit, an old enemy of mine, even using PVA adhesive hurts me but all of these things are beaten by this mask. It helps that the mask fits firmly and comfortably, even though I have a hairy face, it doesn't leak round the edges and, having the filters at the sides means it balances well on my face and doesn't get in the way when I'm working in close to the job, unlike the front-filter types which interfere with forward vision and wobble about. Being non-replaceable, the filters will eventually lose their effect but it's doing well so far and when it does wear out I will be at the front of the queue for a new one !
Frank Bison
Frank Bison Reply to on 2 January 2018
Bought to use with oxalic acid vaporisation treatment of bee hives. Whether I didn’t have the straps tight enough I’m not sure but gas got in which was very unpleasant. Having said that, I think it’s a pretty good mask though. The filter is not replaceable and so the mask must be thrown away after a month if used frequently. There is a lot of (confusing) info regarding which filter is needed for a particular level of protection. Take the time to ensure that the mask is fitting really well before using!
Jandy Reply to on 22 July 2017
Fits snug enough and works great but boy it's incredibly annoying to put on and take off with the straps it has, postman arrived whilst I was wearing this and goggles and he was laughing at me getting tangled all up trying to remove it. As for goggles the slimmer the better, those large cheapo goggles that do the rounds are not going to be a good fit with this. Glasses wearers will be fine.
HODGEPODGE Reply to on 24 May 2015
Does the job nicely if you don't need one all the time it's a great alternative and perfectly suited to DIY use not every day heavy use.

I'm recently refurbishing a house, using paints, paint strippers, adhesives, horrible nasty chemical sprays, tile sealers etc etc and I want something to protect my lungs and not shorten my life 10 years by DIY'ing the house. As I only planned to do this once for a few months this disposable mask is perfect. It will block all the particulates of concern to me including the paint fumes / nasty stuff from the chemicals and doesn't cost a fortune.

I'm thoroughly convinced this has saved me from getting some nasty headaches I would normally get from painting/decorating and using chemicals. Would not hesitate to buy another one when this one kicks it...
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