Tudosobrediabetes Avit AV05021 Stepless Ratchet Driver Set 100mm 4-inch:Tudosobrediabetes
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Avit AV05021 Stepless Ratchet Driver Set 100mm 4-inch:Tudosobrediabetes

Avit Published in October 19, 2018, 6:51 pm
 Avit AV05021 Stepless Ratchet Driver Set 100mm 4-inch:Tudosobrediabetes

Avit AV05021 Stepless Ratchet Driver Set 100mm 4-inch:Tudosobrediabetes

Price:£11.12+ Free shipping with Kumagai-yutaka Prime

Neil Reply to on 10 December 2016
Carl Kammerling International (CKI) screwdrivers are my gold standard for manual screwdrivers. Avit is their consumer brand. My first CKI screwdriver is exactly like this one, except for the CKI branding. It's now twenty years old and still going, after being used on everything from electronics to six foot high garden fences.

Once you've used a stepless cam-drive ratchet, you'll never want to go back, because the mechanism is so much smoother than the clicky tooth and gear kind. Paying full price for them is a bit painful, but they do last.

I bought two of these Avit ones, one as a backup to the aforementioned CKI one, just in case, and one to give to someone I know. One of these and a comprehensive set of bits will handle about 90% of jobs. The other jobs are the ones where there's not enough space for this screwdriver to fit - they do a half-length version, by the way, I own two of those as well - or you need a narrow one-piece screwdriver because some muppet designed their product with recessed screws in long, narrow holes that a hex bit won't fit into.

If the half-length version of this screwdriver sounds interesting, Amazon sell them as well. You can find them by doing a search for "Avit AV05020".
Dutchnigs Reply to on 7 December 2010
Thought I would go for this, as I have used this type of gearless(stepless)screwdriver before & found them to be better than the constant clicking that you get with a conventional ratchet screwdriver.
Britool/Machine Mart(Clarke)/Sealey & Snap on also do this type of gearless screwdriver (Snap on being about 3-4 times the price-but have a lifetime warranty..Britool/Sealey & Clarke are identical to this for about £15-20)
Arrived OK (from Amazon)..1st impressions..the bits included do NOT fit into the handle on the included holder, but would fit, if you put them all on loose...(but I don't fancy a rattly handle though). And the screwdriver handle seems to be very large...bigger than a standard ratchet screwdriver that I have...only time will tell if this is better than a standard ratchet type screwdriver, & if I will be able to use it OK.
Apart from that, the gearless/stepless action is fine...& seems to be heavy/substantial in build..only time will tell..
Still if it has to go back, I will have no problems, as it is Amazon after all..& they can 'Avit' back.
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