Tudosobrediabetes Bosch Strimmer AFS 23-37 (three-prong blade, spool for cutting line, 3x cutting lines, auxiliary handle, protective guard, cardboard box, 950 W):Tudosobrediabetes
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Bosch Strimmer AFS 23-37 (three-prong blade, spool for cutting line, 3x cutting lines, auxiliary handle, protective guard, cardboard box, 950 W):Tudosobrediabetes

Bosch Published in October 19, 2018, 6:28 pm
 Bosch Strimmer AFS 23-37 (three-prong blade, spool for cutting line, 3x cutting lines, auxiliary handle, protective guard, cardboard box, 950 W):Tudosobrediabetes

Bosch Strimmer AFS 23-37 (three-prong blade, spool for cutting line, 3x cutting lines, auxiliary handle, protective guard, cardboard box, 950 W):Tudosobrediabetes

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English Guy
English Guy Reply to on 14 May 2017
Now this is a mean piece of kit.

If you want to just edge your lawn, then this really isn't for you.

If you have to clear an overgrown jungle, and don't want the hassle of a petrol brushcutter, then buy this, immediately. Yes, petrol brushcutters are portable, and powerful, but this packs an incredible punch, and extension leads are cheap.

Brilliant for occasional use - no worries about the carb gunking up, running out of fuel, the starter cord snapping, none of those worries.

Well built, simple to assemble (pictures to put it together are right at the back of the manual, took some hunting for them!) and works a treat.

I cleared a huge area of scrubland using the strimmer cable, instead of the metal blade, and after hitting metal, wood, and stone hundreds of time wore away maybe an inch of the cutting cord.

Absolutely the best gardening tool purchased so far.
deano Reply to on 7 May 2017
this is so easy to use and comfortable you could use this for hours and no discomfort apart from sweating if you strim when sunny.My garden is 16ft x14ft and it was overgrown it only took 10 mins,theres no vibration when using and the motor sounds like its not using full power much better than my old petrol one,no messing with that skinny crappy cutting line these are thick and get the job done,they will get shorter as you use them so try and stay away from small trees or bushes just for grass and will last longer.5 stars coz this will want you to go and strim your garden and putting a new line on is a doddle,must buy if you are after a powerful strimmer,lifes so much easier with bosch ENJOY..
Ben Bell
Ben Bell Reply to on 21 January 2018
Partial review which I'll update when I've used the machine properly.

My brush cutter also arrived apparently without spare cutting threads (description says it comes with ten). Reading some reviews I looked in the long handle which has a hidden compartment, and I found two spare cords. Better than nothing, but not ten as described.
I spoke to Amazon who refunded me 20% which corresponds roughly to the price of the replacements, item B01BU0IX34 (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bosch-F016800431-Strong-Cutting-Thread/dp/B01BU0IX34)

They said they would look into the stock (as there seems to be a repeated problem) and the description on the website to try to fix this. In the mean time, if you're missing threads, check the handle then contact support for partial refund and chase them about updating the description.

Aside from that, the tools seems pretty solid and I will update this review when I've had a chance to use it.
doveoscar Reply to on 31 August 2016
Pros: Nearly as powerful, and much less vibration, compared to my 2 stroke strimmer, enough power to make the brushcutter blade useful. Strimmer line very effective and long lasting.

Cons: On first use the handle cap, which covers a stock of spare cutting lines, fell off and it and the lines disappeared. New cutting lines are expensive.
Tony Glover
Tony Glover Reply to on 1 June 2018
Wow, this is some beast of a machine. I'd looked at petrol versions of these brush cutters but decided they were too fiddly and I'm not likely to be doing that sort of work in rain or damp conditions. yes, a cable can be restrictive but not for most gardens if care is used. This is easy to assemble, easy to use, lighter than a petrol machine and arguably as powerful. The cutting cable is proper heavy duty, and the cutting blade will cut tyhrough the thickest undergrowth. Bosch are known for quality and this just confirms to me that this remains true.
Pen Name
Pen Name Reply to on 6 May 2018
Powerful and seems to be solidly constructed - it isn't what I would call a lightweight item. You get 3 cutting cords (2 are in the handle if you were wondering). The mechanism to put a cutting cord in is dead simple and overcomes the tedious business of disentangling the cutters of other models I have encountered (5 seconds cutting and 10 minutes sorting problems out). Extra cords are expensive but from the look of them a cord will last some time. I have not tried the metal 3 bladed disc which you can use instead of the cutting cord. From the look of it it would cut small trees down! Well, perhaps not.
mickey ze mouse
mickey ze mouse Reply to on 8 November 2017
Nice powerful strimmer, cleared a pretty overgrown lawn with no trouble. One quibble is the pathetically short cutting wire supplied with the unit, for the price they could have bundled a proper spool with it. Havnt tried the brushcutting head yet but it looks of good quality. Some assembly is required but its pretty straitforward if you follow the instructions carefully. Its comfy to use and is weighted nicely on the strap meaning you dont get arm or neck ache.
agoward Reply to on 30 May 2017
Exceptionally well made and so easy to construct out of the box. Usual Bosch quality you come to expect. When operating, the motor is quiet and the cutter is SO well balanced when wearing the comfortable shoulder strap.

A superbly well constructed tool and I cant wait to do more cutting with it at the weekend! So much less heavy than a petrol version, without all the fuss of mixing up 2 stroke fuel and the noise petrol tools make.

Highly recommended.
Andy Rowe
Andy Rowe Reply to on 15 July 2018
This thing is a beast! Thought has gone into this machine design. It's well built and robust. The strimmer cassette makes it easy to insert a new line. In terms of power it rivals a petrol machine but with none of the starting problems of a petrol machine. I haven't tried the blade yet but that's because I haven't needed to. It's not a light piece of kit but when hooked on to the harness it doesn't feel that heavy and has an adjustable balance point. This machine cut through everythibg in its path. So far no bad points. My only criticism would be the cost of replacement lines. I had already bought some 3.0mm twisted line which if cut to the same length works well as the head grips it so well.
Fitz Reply to on 14 February 2018
Haven't used it yet but on assembly it seems very robust and extremely powerful. Comes with a cutting blade for heavy brush and three cables which seem very strong and I’m expecting it to be more than adequate for the job of clearing rough ground once it thaws out. It is quite a heavy tool but the handles and shoulder strap supplied will definitely make it relatively easy to manoeuvre around.
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