Tudosobrediabetes Kingfisher DIYRS4 1-Inch x 15 ft Ratchet Straps - Orange (Pack of 4):Tudosobrediabetes
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Kingfisher DIYRS4 1-Inch x 15 ft Ratchet Straps - Orange (Pack of 4):Tudosobrediabetes

Kingfisher Published in September 22, 2018, 1:40 pm
 Kingfisher DIYRS4 1-Inch x 15 ft Ratchet Straps - Orange (Pack of 4):Tudosobrediabetes

Kingfisher DIYRS4 1-Inch x 15 ft Ratchet Straps - Orange (Pack of 4):Tudosobrediabetes

Price:£12.97+ Free shipping with Bemdesaude Prime

Davidc51 Reply to on 15 April 2016
bought this for my roof box , after passing a few cars over the years where roof boxes have been blown open and items strewn across the road. I have bought this as a extra precaution. Its easy to use well after conferring via youtube.
the ratchet is sturdy and the straps seem strong and durable
its gives me a great deal of reassurance that the box lid wont ripped open and my undies strewn across the motorway, also when you have a couple of these on, I think it also acts as an extra deterrent to any opportunist thief who might force the locks, when the car is unattended to steal my mankini set , for the price its a great piece of mind for driving long journeys especially in bad weather and yet small enough to pack away when not being used
Cruiser Reply to on 7 September 2016
This pack of 4 Heavy Duty 1 x 15ft Ratchet Straps arrived swiftly and the product I received is identical to that depicted - the order being fulfilled by Amazon on behalf of Home and Leisure. The four straps come in a holder although it's quite fiddle to get them back into it and, despite its sturdiness, I'm not sure it's designed for reuse once unpacked and mine had a slight crack in it.

The straps and ratchet mechanisms seem strong and are TUV marked plus they are easy operate and secure. At the ends of each strap there's a robust, plastic covered "S" hook ideal for securing the straps to racking etc. These straps seem ideal for domestic use and feel as though they'll last plus represent good value for money.
ScottishSaver Reply to on 21 September 2017
Arrived with only half the bits needed, no straps.

Looking around I see plenty of other people complaining about the same thing.

Someone needs to stop this happening.

Returned for refund and purchased an alternative, which arrived with everything.
DavidB Reply to on 17 January 2018
Utter rubbish! Mechanism fell apart first time I used them. Out of 4 only one survived ant that fell apart on the second use. The ratchet lock is not held in place by anything other than spring pressure so when you put the slightest on it it moves, jams the ratchet and then falls apart when you release it to try and fix. Very annoyed, why not make it properly - its not hard or expensive?
the noob
the noob Reply to on 18 February 2017
Bought these from 'Garden Selections' (seller) and used them for a house move, strapping disassembled wardrobe panels and then furniture in the van.
Part of the same order I've got 2 x Hilka Ratchet Straps and 2 x Silverline Buckled Straps and these are the best of the lot.
Good quality material, easy to use and in good packaging for storage.

Perfect for house move, don't waste time comparing and just grab 2 to make sure everything is nicely strapped.
If strapping something with soft edges (chipboard/OSB/MDF) add some cardboard in between.
For whites (fridge/washing machine) you might want to add a plank to avoid denting.
John-paul Patton
John-paul Patton Reply to on 21 May 2018
AVOID! Awful, bought for use on kayak and on first use one fell apart, on second use another one fell apart... thankfully while putting on... but had to travel for 300 mile round trip nervously hoping the other two wouldn't break on transport... another lesson in the false economy of cheap crap... I was fooled into thinking this was a quality brand and product. Also never got to use until after past return date. Back to the shopping basket.
Mike Rae
Mike Rae Reply to on 18 August 2017
What did I do before discovering these little gems ? There doesn't seem to be anything you can't strap down with these little beauts and they are so easy to use. I've one of these bike carriers for my car and although the unit itself is "reasonably" secure these ratchet straps really seal the deal. We recently travelled over 200 miles and the bikes didn't move a millimetre. They were also a lot cheaper than anything in the local hardware store
Rick Reviews
Rick Reviews Reply to on 11 June 2018
These are very good for value for money, when they work. I can't get these to work.

Every time I slacken off the ratchet, the T piece jumps out of the runners and the spring flies off. This means the device needs to be reassembled after every adjustment. It just doesn't work properly or well.

In future, I shall buy a more expensive, better made set of straps.
Craig Gambell
Craig Gambell Reply to on 4 April 2017
Obviously not the strongest of ratchet's, but I used them to hold together heavy lighting stands in groups in the back of a van for a week and they did the job without any issues. 15ft is plenty of length to work with in the back of a van. I've not used them for anything outside of a van so I can't advise for how they hold up in exterior conditions but they're perfect for interior use.
Alasdair Gilmour
Alasdair Gilmour Reply to on 22 February 2017
I needed to transport a heavy king size mattress for disposal, and hit upon the idea of "folding" it down to a quarter size, using straps to keep it compressed so that it would fit in the boot of my car. It worked a treat and saved me having to hire a van. Good quality product, good value for money.

My only quibble was that I struggled to figure out how to operate the "quick release" function - just ended up unhooking the S clasps in the end, but that was only possible because it was a mattress and there was enough "give" for that to be possible. No doubt I would have figured it out with a bit more fiddling!
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