Tudosobrediabetes Staying Alive Real Poems for Unreal Times:Tudosobrediabetes
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Staying Alive Real Poems for Unreal Times:Tudosobrediabetes

Neil Astley
Neil Astley Published in October 19, 2018, 6:30 pm
 Staying Alive Real Poems for Unreal Times:Tudosobrediabetes

Staying Alive Real Poems for Unreal Times:Tudosobrediabetes

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Vanessa Reply to on 4 July 2018
Beautiful anthology - a must have for all poet fanatics! Great value for money and those poems selected are all varied and you get a good taste of all the poetry and writing styles individuals have. There are chapters/sections with categorised poems which makes a themed poem easy to find for the right time/emotion! Gave my first copy to a friend and just have ordered this, as well as the sequel, for myself!
Mrs. J. S. E. Greenhalgh
Mrs. J. S. E. Greenhalgh Reply to on 12 April 2018
so enjoy this collection excellent for dipping into some real mind bending stuff in here
fatima Reply to on 21 April 2012
This is by far the best poetry book in my collection. It is a wonderful mix of wisdom, experience, humour, life. Some poets I know, some are new to me, all are profoundly memorable, and stay with me at many levels. I am reading from start to finish. I am only half way through, but already I want to start again - and learn them all by heart.

It is a book that I heard mentioned on Desert Island Discs recently - can't remember who it was who chose it, but was requested as an alternative to the Bible, and that is as good a reason to buy it, whether you are religious or not. This is essence of modern humanity, distilled into beautiful words.
Anwer Zaidi
Anwer Zaidi Reply to on 26 April 2018
Bought for family member. Can't comment on book but haven't heard any complaints!
Richard Reply to on 10 April 2016
This really helped me get into poetry. We used this anthology in one of our modules and it's fantastic the variety this has ranging from conventional to sporadic poems. If you have a passing interest in poetry, give this one a shot.
Miss TFF
Miss TFF Reply to on 12 June 2014
For a tome of modern poetry then this is a perfect volume to purchase. I really enjoyed reading through all the different poems on offer and have discovered poets I had never heard of. The majority of the work contained within is well written and thought provoking.
Shah Wharton
Shah Wharton Reply to on 29 January 2017
On the reading list for my MA Creative Writing - some really great poetry and essays on poetry in this.
MR A R TEAL Reply to on 9 December 2017
A life-enhancing book - the essays before each chapter are illuminating. Have a pencil handy to mark purple passages, you will want to let this seep into you, to smash the ocean of ice, and to heal our desiccated souls.
gaynor clements
gaynor clements Reply to on 8 February 2017
I defy even those who are ambivalent/shy about poetry not to find poems in here they will connect with. It's the best anthology around.
Jose Spinks
Jose Spinks Reply to on 18 April 2013
I gave this book as a wedding present.
It isn't on any Wedding List that I know of but it's inspiration, provocative ideas and beauty will survive years longer than any toaster.

Every home with a reader in it should have one, to stir up the grey cells..
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