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Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett Published in October 19, 2018, 5:23 pm



Rob Pearson
Rob Pearson Reply to on 1 March 2018
I had never even looked at Strata before.
Why? Dunno, but it is a gem to find a pTerry book i had not read, and the wait was well rewarded.
Early germination of the concept of diskworld, even characters from the main sequence make brief appearnces, and pTerry's whit shines through in places.
grannie Reply to on 27 March 2018
Really disappointed with this. I realise that this was old publication but never the less , it was not the usual Pratchett read. Story difficult to follow and not his usual wit. Don't bother with this one if you are expecting to be entertained.
Jessica Reply to on 4 June 2013
While you can still feel the elements Terry Pratchett brings to the table, they are definitely disguised in a silly but less amusing version of his works. While his building of the worlds is still exemplary, this is evidently an early work of his. The characters are less in depth, his traditional humour, evident throughout the disc-world Series, is muffled in this book. Though Strata is an insight into his idea for Discworld before he spent his days looking at it in-depth, the actual storyline of strata is not at all what you expect from the master. Interesting look at the before of disc world, but definitely not a great read in itself.
Phil Headford
Phil Headford Reply to on 19 December 2014
One of the best sci-fi novels I've ever read, and one of Terry Pratchett's best. Also interesting in that it's presumably the acorn from which the mighty Discworld series germinated. The basic message of this tale is of such scope that it truly boggles the mind.
All the characters are inventively formed, and well-fleshed-out. The plot twists and turns as it slowly reveals itself, keeping the reader alert. As always with Terry, it has a superb, thought-provoking ending.
Mrs. Deborah L. Ankrett
Mrs. Deborah L. Ankrett Reply to on 22 July 2013
bought this and lots of other pratchett books when got my first kindle so could read as liked. All the older books haven't read for a while and can not afford the prices for the hard backs (from middle to latest have a hardback collection). Took great pleasure in re-reading this again. The magic is still there and he's still the only author that keeps me glued to page chuckling away. If you haven't read a Pratchett novel before then buy one quick and be prepared for whole other world of entertainment.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 21 September 2013
I wish he'd carried on with sf in some ways, it needs a poke in much the way that the fantasy genre did before Diskworld.
I've been reading a lot of first novels recently and they are often wobbly. Pratchett displays a few tiny wobbles here but you definitely get a sense of impending master from his humour, timing and characters.

I somehow missed reading this when it came out all those years back. I'm very glad I read it now.
R. A. Caton
R. A. Caton Reply to on 20 March 2014
In the future, people will live long (yes, yes, and prosper). Humankind is able to build planets to order....

One of these planetary architects gets an insight into where we all came from; and has a shattering awakening as to our place in their universe.

There. Now buy it (and "Dark Side Of The Sun") read it and enjoy it. It's froth, but entertaining froth with a great taste and just a hint of disc-shaped worlds to come.
Lynne Couzens
Lynne Couzens Reply to on 23 September 2016
What can I say, its a Terry Pratchett. I have read everything he has ever written and he is the only author I can read again and again and it still chuckle. Its just sad there will be no more books from this wonderfully inventive, funny and entertaining man.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 6 January 2018
The spark that started disc world excellent!!!.
Keeps you wanting more you can't stop reading/ listening till the book 📚 is finished !!!.
Terry's 1st brilliant idea started a chain reaction
Very enjoyable reading
Possibly the greatest writer of our time
He will always be sadly. Missed 🙁
nickytwothumbs Reply to on 16 December 2017
A great little book from very early on in his career. You can almost see the germination of the Disc taking place!
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